Vision of A.N.G.E.L

ANGELFoundersIn November of 2014 Count David Gagnon had a vision and inspiration to create a unique Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) that would address the worlds humanitarian issues from a collaborative solution based foundation.  The name of the organization – A.N.G.E.L. – stands for All Nations Generating Equal Love.  The realities of the issues that face humanity cannot be addressed without a deep commitment that translates to love.  But how does that commitment and love translate to actual project and programs that can solve the worlds biggest issues of hunger, poverty, environmental disasters, social justice, human rights and war torn communities?

Humanitarian aid needs to be defined and delivered by holistic long term solutions.  We cannot separate our human needs for food, water, and homes from the environment that we live in.

There is a solution that begins with a foundation of rebuilding all of our systems and structures in alignment with what is called ‘Permaculture’ principles.

All Nations can learn these principles and practices no matter what their cultural identity and heritage is based upon because it is rooted in simple understandings of the ‘interdependence’ of all living systems.  Permaculture is a path to regenerating our communities, regions, and countries that does not seek political, religious, or any other doctrine that would violate personal ethics.

offgridcommunityCommunities built and restructured using Permaculture systems have the capability of:

  • Producing healthy abundant food
  • Building safe low impact carbon neutral homes
  • Generating carbon free energy
  • Repairing and restoring damaged environment and ecosystems
  • Cleaning watersheds and producing clean water
  • Eliminating harmful chemicals from use and consumption
  • Creating thriving local economies
  • Fostering healthy collaborative social structures
  • Reducing resource extraction and carbon footprint
  • Enabling new Education systems within communities to emerge
  • Provide new models for local community resilience and democratic governance


permaculturecoverMollisonAll of the above solutions found within Permaculture principles, practices, and systems are a part of the more broad definition of Low Impact Sustainable Development.   The globalization of communication and information has made education and resources for Low Impact Sustainable Development accessible to every nation on Earth. Each nation now has the opportunity to explore and adopt for humanitarian relief specific programs designed and tailored to meet their needs.

It is the vision of A.N.G.E.L to facilitate the process of its Member States to have easy access to the resources and information that would empower rapid strategic plans to implement these high impact humanitarian solutions.  Each nation has its own unique challenges and A.N.G.E.L. wishes to serve as a support and resource for sustainable living education, technologies, and product exchanges which can often be hindered by old and outdated systems.  Being an Inter-Governmental Organization A.N.G.E.L is in a position to work internationally for charitable and humanitarian causes and provide resources for collaboration.

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