The Holy Order of Protection and Education (H.O.P.E.) is a Episcopal Order established by jus honorum on January 1, 2015, by Metropolitan Archbishop Count David J. Gagnon, D.D., Ph.D., FWCI. The jus honorum is the prerogative and the right of a ecclesiastical authority (e.g. Bishop, an Abbot of a Monastery, a Patriarch, etc.) authorized by the proclamation from Emperor Honorius in 409 A.D., to create and to grant status of nobility, knighthood in nobility, coat of arms, and honorary decorations and distinctions of merit.

In Carolingian times, before the feudal era, important clerics such as Bishops and Abbots held formidable estates, but were forbidden by Canon Law from participating in the judicial and military aspects of life. To take their place, they appointed Vidames who exercised their powers under the close control of the Bishop. Originally appointed officers, they became hereditary like all other offices in the feudal system, passing to the eldest son and by default to the eldest daughter (the wife or daughter of a Vidame was a Vidamesse). As Loyseau (Taité des Seigneuries, 1608 A.D., p. 153) says, the Vidame is to the Bishop what the Viscount is to the Count. Their role was to manage and protect the estates of the bishopric, to exercise in his name the episcopal jurisdiction, to represent him at the Count’s Court, to lead the Bishop’s troops in battle and to protect the population from the abuses of the powerful.

ANGELWITHSWORDAs fearless as past Vidame guardians of the Bishop from centuries ago, this Holy Episcopal Order is structured around Strength, Justice, Loyalty, Defense, Courage, Faith, Humility, Generosity, Nobility and Frankness. A Vidame or Vidamesse shall (a) always defend their Church, (b) respect all weaknesses, and always defend the weak, (c) love their country, (d) never recoil before the enemy, (e) always perform scrupulously their feudal duties, if such are not contrary to the laws of God, (f) never lie and always remain faithful to their pledged word, (g) always be generous, and grant largess to everyone, (h) always and everywhere be the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil.

ANGELWITHSWORDThe Vidames and Vidamesses of H.O.P.E. are composed of men and women willing to work together for the protection of Human Rights, promoting Education, and restoring Family Values with women, children and families. This is not a laid-back, “pay your dues”, and get a pretty cape and a set of regalia to display on your trophy wall. This is a hardworking, dedicated group of like-minded people who solicit donations from corporate sponsors who believe in our mission. They are the executives, the appointed officials, the diplomats, the royals, the nobles, the priests, the mothers and fathers who are willing to stand up to make a difference in a big way. These are the men and women who will take a vow to promote the A.N.G.E.L. Foundation in their community. Whether be it a small town, a big city or an entire country, Vidames of H.O.P.E. will succeed in their mission to support our cause.

Every Vidame and Vidamesse entering this Episcopal Knighthood has a goal to make a difference in the world. The Vidame and Vidamesse chose their monthly donation as little as Ten Dollars or whatever amount they feel comfortable donating each month to fund our efforts. Our numbers will speak for themselves.

Ranks of the Episcopal Order begin at Knight and elevate to Vidame (bronze class), (silver class), (gold class), Brother or Sister Superior (of school or working facility), Brother or Sister of the Conclave General. Elevation of status is based upon contributions and/or success with recruiting of individual, corporate and institutional sponsorship and donations.