HopeA.N.G.E.L. FOUNDATION (All Nations Generating Equal Love) is a 501(A) international tax exempt non-profit charitable foundation structured as a global international Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO).

Our mission is to build collaboration between Member States for the purpose of implementing new systems, structures, and technologies that promote regenerative and sustainable practices.  A.N.G.E.L. addresses Human Rights issues and advocacy, protection and education  for children, women, and families globally through Peace, Equality, and system based holistic approaches


  • To address Humanitarian crises and issues from a long term solutions approach with emphasis on Low Impact Sustainable Development and Permaculture practices and principles.
  • To bring relief and aid to suffering peoples in the form of resources to help assist and empower people to rebuild their communities with new structural resilience and regenerative systems that provide healthy food, clean water, safe homes, and thriving local economies.
  • To facilitate strong relations between Member States and Institutional Members for sharing resources, education, strategic plans, and healthy collaboration.
  • To provide educational opportunities and resources for the development of Low Impact Sustainable Development projects in communities.
  • To facilitate new sustainable technology and product sharing that will accelerate human resettlement programs, carbon reductions, and environmental damage in regions damaged by war, resource exploitation, and global warming.


Membership is open to all nations that meet our criteria and qualifications as well as made the commitment to defend, support and promote Equality, Peace, Education, Solidarity and Human Rights.

Each member state will be represented by it’s own representative and have a seat on the A.N.G.E.L. International Council. A.N.G.E.L. has an international scope with outposts managed by country Representatives, Directors, and ANGEL Ambassadors.

Together, they will collaborate their efforts around the world to deal with specific issues in various countries. A.N.G.E.L. serves a dual component, one for operational projects, and the other, for advocacy initiatives for working together within individual countries.